January 2015

Hello neighbor!

Thank you for re-electing me to serve you in the Colorado House of Representatives.  The next legislative session is about to begin, and I’m working on my bills now.

Being your Representative has been the greatest honor in my life.  Thank you.  I believe you selected me because you wanted me to get certain things done, chiefly:

  • Increase funds for early childhood education through 12th grade.
  • Invest more in higher education.
  • Create civil unions for LGBT couples.
  • Enact rational and reasonable gun safety legislation.
  • Help small businesses grow and export, especially high tech start-ups.
  • Increase the size of the state’s budget reserve for a rainy day.
  • Increase the renewable energy standard.

I worked with other legislators to build the coalition which accomplished all of these things.  In addition, most of the bills we passed during my term in office were bi-partisan.  You won’t hear that in the news.

In addition, I got my own bills passed, and some of those were your ideas:

  • Required the Governor’s office to work and report annually on climate change’s affect on Colorado
  • Allowed drivers to show proof of insurance to law enforcement using their cell phones
  • Permitted insurance companies to email notices to customers if customers opt-in
  • Ensured identification for retired police officers
  • Guaranteed the right to vote for young people committed to the Div. of Youth Corrections.Paul with lion 2014

Besides legislation, one of my favorite projects I worked on was co-sponsored by Rep. Amy Stephens (R-Monument).  The event brought together almost 100 people from around Colorado to celebrate our Sister Cities and promote Colorado internationally.  Another annual event I did for the past 2 years, which no other scholars1 3-2014legislator does, is when I invited one “stellar” student from each school in the district to come to the Capitol and receive a commendation for her or his accomplishments.  I also recognized the lifetime of hard work of people in our area regardless of party affiliation, including former Rep. Ruth Prendergast (R), John Case, former Rep. Alice Borodkin (D), Teddie Throm, as well as two companies which were identified by Pinnacol Assurance for their excellent safety records.

You also elected me to be careful of every vote, regardless if it had a Democratic or Republican sponsor, or had both.  I may be a proud, progressive Democrat, but I brought an independent-minded outlook to the legislature.  If I felt very strongly that a bill was not good public policy, I voted no, even if the majority voted yes.

My office was always buzzing with activity, working for you, my constituent.  I hope you will always feel comfortable to visit me at the Capitol, call, email, or text me, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.  I am at your service.  It is my hope that you are pleased with my work and will support me in the election in November.

Thank you very much.



State Representative
Colorado House Dist. 9
(D-Denver, Arapahoe)
303.866.2910 Capitol office
720.529.9787 cell/text

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