Hello friends and neighbors!

Thank you for electing me to serve you in the Colorado House of Representatives from District 9, which includes all of the southeastern part of the City of Denver.

Being your Representative has been the greatest honor in my life.  Thank you.  I believe you elected me because you wanted me to work on some central issues, specifically:

  • Increase funds for early childhood education through 12th grade.
  • Invest more in higher education to keep tuition under control.
  • Create rights and protections for all LGBT Coloradans.
  • Help small businesses grow and export, especially high tech startups.
  • Increase the size of the state’s budget reserve for a rainy day.
  • Increase the renewable energy standard.

Over the past five years, I’ve worked with other legislators to build the coalition to pass bills and budgets, which addressed all of these things.  In addition, most of the bills we passed during my terms in office were bi-partisan.  You won’t hear that in the news.

Gun Safety Issue update!  Ever since as a new member of the House, I worked and strongly advocated to pass the gun safety bills we passed in 2013, I have been pushing and pushing every year that we can do more and must do more.  Every year I kept hearing the same thing–not this year.  Now, after so many have died needlessly, there seems to be some movement on this issue–the wind is at our backs, and I’ve demanded of my colleagues we absolutely have to take big steps to protect our communities and kids in schools:  banning assault rifles, banning bump stocks, implementing an extreme risk restraining order, and strongly opposing any effort to have more guns in public.   I am the only person running who actually has a track record on this issue–I don’t just talk the talk, I WALK THE WALK!

Over the past now six years, some of my own bills were passed, a few of which were your ideas (thanks!):

  • Required the Governor’s office to work and report annually on the effect of climate in Colorado
  • Allowed drivers to show proof of insurance to law enforcement using their cell phones
  • Guaranteed the right to vote for young people committed to the Div. of Youth Corrections.
  • Ensure that the cases of children in social services are in court venues that are in their best interest
  • Ability of drivers to show law enforcement their proof of insurance on their cell phones.
  • Allow voters to take a “ballot selfie” of themselves and their own completed ballot and put it on social media, which is free speech.

Paul with lion 2014

Among the bills I passed out of the House, but were killed in the Republican-controlled Senate, are a couple I will continue to work on:

  • ban on so-called “gay conversion therapy”
  • creation of an international “Sister State” program, to build global business, tourism, and education exchanges

Besides legislation, one of my favorite projects I worked on brought together almost 100 people from around Colorado to celebrate our Sister Cities and promote Colorado internationally.

Another annual event, which I pioneered and have done for the past six years, is invite one “stellar” student from each school in the district to come to the Capitol and receive a commendation for her or his accomplishments.  I also recognized the lifetime of hard work of people in our area regardless of party affiliation, including former Rep. Ruth Prendergast (R), John Case, former Rep. Alice Borodkin (D), Teddie Throm, as well as two companies which were identified by Pinnacol Assurance for their excellent safety records.

You also elected me to be careful of every vote, regardless if it had a Democratic or Republican sponsor, or both.  I may be a proud, progressive Democrat, but I brought an independent-minded outlook to the legislature.  I believe I share that in common with my legislative predecessors, Sen. Ken Gordon, Rep. Joe Miklosi, and Rep. Alice Borodkin.

My office is always buzzing with activity, working for you, my constituent.  I hope you will always feel comfortable visiting me at the Capitol, and please don’t hesitate to call, email, or text me. I encourage you to follow me on Twitter or Facebook, too. I am at your service.  It is my hope that you are pleased with my work and will support me in my re-election in November.

Thank you very much.



State Representative
Colorado House Dist. 9
(D-Denver, Arapahoe)
303.866.2910 Capitol office

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