2013 & 2014 Bills

2014 Bills

HB14-1344 Electronic Delivery of Insurance Documents

You can imagine how much paper is mailed each year by insurance companies sending regular insurance notices of policy changes, etc, to their customers.  This bill allows them to send these notices to consumers via email if they have no personally identifiable information on them.  This is a win for consumers who will have greater convenience, a win for insurance companies who will save money on postage and printing, and a win for trees which will keep their bark on their trunks.  The Governor signed this into law on 5/15/2014.

HB14-1069  District Commissions on Judicial Performance

After District Court Judges are appointed by the Governor, they are reviewed by commissions before they go up for retention by the voters.  Currently input is taken by forms submitted by attorneys who practice in that courtroom.  This bill would have added in-person feedback from District Attorneys and Public Defenders.  While the bill passed the House 62-2, it was killed in the Senate because, after negotiations, the State Judicial Review Commission ultimately decided to adopt into rulemaking what the bill intended in law.

HB14-1278     Sunset Worker’s Comp Physician Certification

Renews the program for certification of physicians to work on worker’s compensation claims. It extends the program until September 1, 2025.  The Governor has not yet taken action on this bill.

SB14-031     Police and Fire Pension Fund Old Hire Plans

Concerning modifications to the administration of an employer’s old hire police officers and firefighters pension plans.  The Senate passed this bill 31-3.

2013 Bills

HB13-1293 Requiring Governor to Create Climate Change Position

All credible science points to that our planet is experiencing climate change, and that it is caused mostly by humans.  Colorado is experiencing the effects of this climate change, and the state has been implementing various efforts to do our part to mitigate the human contribution of greenhouse gases, such as raising the renewable energy standard.  This bill, which was signed into law, requires the Governor to appoint someone to work on climate change matters, and issue a an annual report.  The Governor’s office has done so, appointing three people from 3 agencies to work as a team, and they presented in early 2014 to the necessary legislative committees.  If you would like a copy of this report, please email me at paulrosenthal5280@gmail.com or call me at 720.529.9787.

HB 13-1159 Using Cellphones to show Proof of Insurance

Currently, a driver of a motor vehicle or scooter must have a paper proof of insurance card and present it when requested by a police officer.  The owner’s insurance company issues cards that verify the policyholder has up-to-date insurance.  Today, cell phones and other electronic devices can easily and reliably store and display the data on a proof of insurance card.  My bill, which was signed into law by the Governor, permits a person to use a cellphone or other device to present proof of insurance to a police officer.  The officer is prohibited from inspecting any other data on the phone or device.

HB13-1118 Issuing ID’s to Retired Police Officers

This bill provides that retired police officers will continue to be eligible for ID’s so they may comply with federal law that allows them to continue to carry their weapons after retirement.   The bill originated with the request of a constituent, a retired police officer, who was concerned about the lack of procedures in Colorado for issuing ID’s to retired officers.  The Governor signed this bill into law.

HHB 13-1038  Voting Registration for Juveniles in Youth Corrections Custody

Young persons who are in juvenile custody have been in limbo when it comes to registering and voting, although many who are eligible would like to do so.  This bill guarantees their right to register and vote by requiring the Department of Youth Corrections to make voter registration and election information available to them and helping them to register and vote.  The bill passed the House and Senate and was signed by the Governor on 3/15/2013.


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