Bills & Issues

My Bills for 2014

HB14-1278     Sunset Worker’s Comp Physician Certification

Renewing the program for certification of physicians to work on worker’s compensation claims. It extends the program until September 1, 2025.

HB14-1069    Judicial Review Commission Public Comment

This bill will allow for public comment from a District Attorney, public defender, and bar association member to testify before a judicial review commission.  This bill passed in the House, 62-2.

HB14-____ Electronic Transfer of Insurance Transactions 

This act would allow the transmission of electronic notices of documents related to insurance policies.  Customers would “opt in” to receive them by email.

SB14-031     Police and Fire Pension Fund Old Hire Plans

Concerning modifications to the administration of an employer’s old hire police officers and firefighters pension plans.  The Senate passed this bill 31-3.

Student Success Act: K-12 Education Funding

HB1292 is a bipartisan education-funding package that currently has 35 cosponsors.

(1) It will increase education funding by an additional $100 million to recover from some of the “negative factor” caused by the recession.

(2) Allow for a one-time Implementation Fund of $40 Million that will be distributed to all school districts on a per-pupil basis.

(3) The bill allocates $5 million to implement a new financial transparency system to ensure that expenditures are reported down to the school level.

(4) Recreational marijuana created an ongoing source of $40 million for use in public school capital construction.  This bill will distribute $30 million to full-day kindergarten facility construction, $5 million for the newly created technology assistance account, and $5 million to charter school construction.

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