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HB 13-1159 Using Cellphones, etc. for Proof of Insurance

Currently, a driver of a motor vehicle or scooter must have a proof of insurance card and present   it when requested by a police officer.  The owner’s insurance company issues cards that verify the policyholder has up-to-date insurance.  Today, cell phones and other electronic devices can easily and reliably store and display the data on a proof of insurance card. This bill will permit a person to use a cellphone or other device to present proof of insurance to a police officer.  The officer is prohibited from inspecting any other data on the phone or device.   The bill has passed the Energy & Transportation Committee by a vote of 12-0, passed the House 65-0 and passed the Senate Transportation Committee 6-0.  The last step before getting the Governor’s signature is a vote in the full senate.

HB13-1118 Issuing ID’s to Retired Police Officers

This bill provides that retired police officers will continue to be eligible for ID’s so they may comply with federal law that allows them to continue to carry their weapons after retirement.   The bill originated with the request of a constituent, a retired police officer, who was concerned about the lack of procedures in Colorado for issuing ID’s to retired officers.  Approved by Local Government Committee with amendments by a vote of 11 to 2 and the full house by a vote of 55-10.  The Senate Judiciary Committee referred it unamended to the Senate committee of the whole as part of the Consent Calendar. The Consent Calender is reserved for uncontroversial bills that are expected to have wide bi-partisan support.

HHB 13-1038  Voting Registration for Juveniles in Youth Corrections Custody

Young persons who are in juvenile custody have been in limbo when it comes to registering and voting, although many who are eligible would like to do so.  This bill guarantees their right to register and vote by requiring the Department of Youth Corrections to make voter registration and election information available to them and helping them to register and vote.  The bill passed the House and Senate and was signed by the Governor on 3/15/2013.

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