Q’s for Ashley & Emily

1.  Will you support the Democratic nominee after the primary on the whole ballot.   Why are you a proud Democrat?

2.  What committees do you want to serve on and why?

3.  How are you going to build relationships with Republicans, regardless if the Democrats get the Senate back and keep the Gov’s office in November?

4.  How will you make a decision on the occasional bill when both Democrats and Republicans are split on an issue, and you’re being lobbied hard on both sides?

5.  What projects has Rep. Rosenthal done that you want to continue?

6.  What part of your personality makes you the best candidate to be successful working in the legislature?

7.  What part of your personality do you need to change if you are going to be successful working in the legislature?

8.  What are you going to tell your constituents if you vote on a bill that you know runs counter to their wishes?

9.  What will you do if you see one Democratic colleague backstab another one on a bill?

10.  Will you endorse a primary opponent to one of your Democratic colleagues who you are serving with because you don’t agree with her on a couple votes she took?

11.  What will you do if you see two Democratic colleagues almost get into a fight over a bill like on the right to rest bill?

12.  What will you do if you really disagree with a Democratic colleague’s bill?

13.  What will you do if you really disagree with a Republican colleague’s bill?

14.   On a tough bill, rank these factors in your decisionmaking in order of importance to you, and tell us why?  (Conscience, party, doing what’s best for your caucus, and voting what your district wants).

15.  How much effort will you put in to raise funds for your caucus in order to support your fellow Democrats win and keep a majority?

16.  When one of your Democratic colleagues is acting very immaturely on the House floor again and again, what do you do?

17.  What issue do you disagree with on the Democratic Party platform?

18.  Will you obey the Democratic Party platform 100 percent of the time?

19.  Is it possible to compromise on a bill and not compromise your values?

20.  What do you tell oftentimes multiple Democratic colleagues who beg you to kill a bill in committee so they don’t have to vote on it on the House floor because it would be a tough for vote for them?

21.  What bill would you like to introduce, what would be the source of the funding, and how would you get it passed in a Republican Senate and signed by a skeptical Democratic governor?

22.  What will your relationship be like with lobbyists?  How will you talk with them?  What information would you want from them?

23.  How can you tell if you can trust a lobbyist?

24.  The Speaker of the House brings you into her office and tells you that you must absolutely vote the opposite way on a bill than you want to vote.  What do you do?

25.  You voted for a bill last year that eventually died, and now the bill sponsor says ‘well you voted for it last year, please vote for it again’.  What do you tell the bill sponsor?

26.  Where is most of your fundraising money coming from?  In Colorado or outside the state?

27.  A candidate for Congress in Denver states that the way to get something done is to be angry.  Do you think that being angry works at the Capitol, when that almost led to a fistfight this session?

28.  What factors and character traits are you looking for when you vote for Speaker, Majority Leader, Assistant majority leader, etc.?

29.  How would you fix PERA?

30.  Would you be in favor of a complete and immediate halt in product of oil and gas by hydraulic fracturing, even though 90 percent of our output uses this method, and if it means that there would be blackouts in our cities in electrical production because there isn’t enough wind and solar yet, and many people’s water heaters and furnaces would have to shut off?

31.  Which is worse for our environment, coal or natural gas?  why?

32.  Describe the safety precautions that are in place to ensure that no fracking fluid gets into ground water deep beneath the surface, and how would you raise those standards?

33.  What do you tell almost all of your Democratic colleagues who accept PAC checks from corporations, and you don’t, do you tell them that they are corrupt?

34.  You keep passing bills to regulate or ban fracking out of the House, and they always die in the Senate or the Governor vetoes them.  Now what do you do?

35.  It is 1pm on a day  where you don’t have committees or meetings.  What do you do, go home like many of your colleagues do?

36.  What does the stakeholder process mean on a bill?

36.5  What factors will you use to decide what 5 bills to carry?

37.  Do you envision a time when a colleague tells you that she will let you vote no on her bill because you oppose it, but you agree to vote yes on it if it looks like it will fail?

38.  What is your opinion on the use of polygraphs for sex offenders, which is a critical part of their treatment?

39.  Will you accept campaign contributions from lobbyists?

40.  Will you accept a campaign contribution from a lobbyist who may lobby for both an environmental organization and an oil and gas company?

41.  Will you accept a campaign contribution from a Republican lobbyist?

42.  How fast can Colorado feasibly transition to 100 percent renewable energy production?

43.  Your Republican colleague says some pretty awful and crazy things and proposes nutty bills, how do you talk to her?

44.  You believe in stopping fracking for oil and gas, so when are you going to get an electric car?

45.  Do you believe in charter schools being part of the public education school system?

46.  If you don’t believe in charter schools, will you support a bill to shut them down immediately?

47.  What are some issues with water in Colorado?

48.  What is your opinion on local control?

49.  Your Republican colleague tells you that she brings a gun inside the Capitol to protect herself and would be glad to protect you too–what do you say?

50.  A constituent is coming in to meet with you.  But, you now learn that there is a lunch where there are some people you have to meet to get them to help you on your bill and up to now they haven’t been returning your calls and emails.  What do you do?

51.  Will you go to a breakfast to hear a presentation if it is sponsored by a corporation?

52.  what are some ways you can make a constituent visiting you feel special at the Capitol?

53.  Who is more your style, Sen. Gillibrand or Sen. Warren?  Sen. Kamala Harris or Sen. Bennet?

54.  Who are you supporting for Governor and why?

55.  Will you support Sen. Bennet for re-election?

56.  Who would be good to run against Sen. Cory Gardner in 2020?

57.  What Democrat do you think should run for president in 2020?

58.  Do you agree with term limits?  How long should they be?

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